Umilys Garden Design

Umilys is a landscape firm specialized in the design of gardens and green spaces, both private and public, emphasizing contemporary aesthetics and biodiversity preservation.

Our landscapers place great importance on environmental impact, minimal maintenance requirements, as well as the design and functionality of the developed space.

“Creating a garden is both a rediscovery and an adventure, a vision of paradise, a place that connects us to a landscape we have loved and that soothes us by reconnecting us with nature.”

A plant-based ambiance and experience.

By collaborating with us, you benefit from a comprehensive garden design concept, including the meticulous selection of plants. Thanks to our extensive network of suppliers, we offer you quality plants at advantageous rates, transforming your outdoor space. The atmospheres we propose are a selection of plant arrangements tested in our trial garden in La Hulpe, Belgium.

With Umilys, you are not just buying plants, you are investing in a living ambiance. We design the plans, write the planting instructions, carefully select the plants, and then the scene is yours: plant them yourself or hire our gardeners. Whatever your approach, our goal remains unchanged: to create a beautiful and unique space that aligns with your budget preferences.

Our landscape atmospheres

Each ambiance is a unique creation with its own characteristics and specific requirements. We guide you through every step of the selection process, taking into account your location, soil quality, the orientation and sunlight exposure of your garden or terrace, as well as the aesthetic effect you wish to achieve.

Whether small or large, there is a garden for everyone:

Each ambiance is unique and has its own particularities and constraints. We are here to support you throughout the selection process, taking into account your location, soil quality, the orientation and sunlight exposure of your garden or terrace, and the aesthetic effect you are seeking.

“Even a small garden corner can create an oasis of peace that helps counterbalance the wear and tear of urban life and satisfy our desire for contact with nature.”

City Garden

The city garden: a haven of peace for long and narrow spaces, with or without enclosing walls, offering privacy and beauty, even in the shade of a tree.

Creating a landscape, a natural harmony, and landscape forms that invite you to travel.

A calming and revitalizing professional environment; an investment that illustrates your CSR commitment; an aesthetic that enhances your brand image; a welcoming and elegant space.

The horizon invites itself onto your terrace; extended green roof; fusion of grasses and a calming panorama.

A hidden oasis, transform a concrete space into a true secret garden.

A cloud of flowers and grasses around your pool; a southern ambiance with its scents; a lush space that provides privacy and serenity.

A greener city, a better life; strengthen the connection between your fellow citizens and nature by creating harmonious and welcoming urban spaces.

A stunning garden tableau in every season; a living work of art that amazes and surprises at every moment; take the time to observe nature and reflect upon it.

Our Trial and Experimentation Garden

“A garden should be beautiful in every season, surprising for the residents and visitors, and beneficial for biodiversity.”

Created in 2018 in La Hulpe, Belgium, this enchanting place, a true laboratory, allows us to experiment, test plant resilience, reveal their aesthetic potential, and create captivating plant harmonies. We are currently experimenting with over 9 different ambiances on a 60-are surface.

A Passion and Character

“I believe that the banalization and standardization of our era prevail too often, as we tend to smooth out our environment. For me, creating a garden with character becomes almost an act of rebellion or social resistance. Each garden and its living space must express a character; there must be a vision and an ambiance that reconnect us to the essential and to time. In some cases, the garden can even be designed as a contemporary ephemeral work of art, which is reborn every year.”

Lorenzo – Founder Umilys

Our mission

Contributing to the beautification of the world by creating living spaces that harmonize with nature, fostering the flourishing of the senses and biodiversity. We want to make beautiful gardens affordable.